Our 6 weeks bootcamp to enable you start earning in the digital economy with specialized digital skills.

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Who is it for?

Our program is curated for people who want to start earning through Freelancing. Our courses will equip you with a valuable digital skill and lead you to start earning through the Digital Economy. This program is open for anyone who want to have a better livelihood, whether or not they have a prior knowledge of freelancing or digital skills.

Valuable Content

We have carefully crafted our course contents so that you can position yourself in a winning place in the Digital Economy. The skills developed through our workshop will enable you to reach clients interested in your work, convert them to sales and master the overall process in between. Find more about our course contents below.

Infused with Assignments

Our workshops are built around actionable assignments. These assignments will pace up your learning process. Our hands on training ensures that alongside learning you get a real life experience of the Digital Economy.

Specialised Courses

  • Installing WordPress on live server and localhost.
  • Moving/Duplicating WordPress websites
  • Understanding of Domain, Hosting, DNS, CPanel, FTP and text editing tools
  • SEO of WordPress websites
  • Creating 9 different types of WordPress websites
  • Complete understanding of WordPress themes, plugins and post types.
  • Achieving certain functionality in WordPress with advance custom post types and advance custom functionalities.
  • Designing Funnels and Landing pages in WordPress
  • WordPress responsiveness with CSS media queries.

7 – 9 PM | Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Open Seats:
In-Class: 30 | Online: 70

Digital Marketing
  • State of Search, search is everywhere it matters.
  • 3 Players Search, Search Engines and Business Owner
  • Effectively using Keyword Research Tools
  • Introduction to Google Adwords and setting up your campaign on Adwords
  • Optimising and evaluation your campaign proformance
  • Getting started with Facebook Ads
  • Choosing your audience and delivering an effective ad on Facebook
  • Media buying like a pro
  • Using Google Analytics to measure your performance
  • Introduction to Email Marketing and effectively using email marketing.

7 – 9 PM | Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Open Seats:
In-Class: 30 | Online: 70

Content Writing
  • The basics of good writing
  • Pre-writing research and getting over your writing block
  • Writing for the web
  • Writing content for your own blog
  • Writing product reviews for Amazon Affiliate Websites
  • SEO optimising your content for the web
  • Setting up your own blog
  • Copy-writing for entrepreneurs & marketers – writing content for funnels, landing pages and optin pages
  • The basics of Keyword Research and using Google Search Console & Google Analytics for your Blog
  • Copywriting for business – writing about pages, resumes and more

10:30AM – 1:30 PM | Wednesday, Friday

Open Seats:
In-Class: 30 | Online: 70

Who will teach this workshop:

Usama Arshad

Web Design Enthusiast

Web-design & Digital Marketing Enthusiast. I will be teaching you how to use WordPress effectively to sign up web-design clients, how gig-ecosystem works and how to be an effective freelancer.

Mudasir Nazir

Digital Marketing Expert

Mudasir is certified digital marketing expert and digital marketing strategist at Spot On Digital & Above Digital. Mudasir will be teaching you trade of Digital Marketing and landscape of marketing. 

Mahnoor Naveed

Content Writing Specialist

Mahnoor is a content writing specialist and a Top Rated Freelancer on Upwork. She has mastered the craft of selling her words while traveling to 10 different countries before the age of 20.

Stories From Our Workshops:

A couple of years ago my mother died and it made me emotionally restless. I was devastated and couldn’t think straight about anything at all. My father has a small business of automobile accessories. Being the eldest child in the house I had to financially support my father and take care of my younger siblings too. So, I started freelancing and got a few regular clients. It paid well but it wasn’t enough. That was the moment I came to know about a freelancing workshop and I readily signed up for that. Even now, I am astounded by the way I was trained there. My earnings sky rocketed after that workshop and now I am planning to expand my business even more. My dream is to start my own content writing agency and I am sure that I will achieve it in near future.

Can you see the happiness on my face? It’s because, today I withdrew my very first online earnings. I am really glad that my hard work finally paid off and now I am able to earn through the internet. But, it was not always like that. I belong to middle class family and I used to help my father at his grocery store. I still help him however, in my free time I work online in order to financially support myself and my family. The experience of earning online and being able to contribute towards my family has given me a new dimension of confidence and hope that I can dream about bigger things and contribute towards the betterment of the society.

There was a time when I was struggling with finances, personal issues and problems with academic progress. I can still remember the moments of despair when I wanted to get out of the mental trauma. It was at that moment that I learnt about a workshop that trained people how to make money online. I needed to do something and hence, I readily signed up for the program. The training taught me the digital skill of internet marketing and enabled me to make money online. It changed my life completely and most importantly took me out of the state of despair that I was going through. 

I cannot forget the time when I was looking for opportunities to earn. I kept striving and in midst of that struggle, I figured out that people can make money through the internet. To be honest, that made me really curious and I started to look for ways to make money online. It was at the moment when I learnt about a workshop that taught people how to make money online. I decided to try it out and give my best during the process. Now that I look back, I realize that it was nothing less than a life changing moment for me. Not only me, but each and every individual in that workshop was trained to deliver as per the international standards. 

Program Fee

Our Program fee is minimal – you will learn the skills of the future and create your own career without having to break a bank.

Rs. 6000/-

6 weeks long workshop in our customised training facility in Rawalpindi/Islamabad.

Rs. 3000/-

6 weeks long workshop broadcasted live to you – with after class recordings.

Workshop Roadmap

Our 6 week workshop is divided to two major levels; Skill Development & Freelancing

First four weeks cover the basics of skill development. You have the option to optin for the skill you feel most comfortable with i.e. WordPress, Graphic Designing or Content Writing.

Final two weeks cover the best of working in digital economy. Covering all the major freelancing platforms and best of getting work from blog, forums and groups.


There are no prerequisites to join this workshop other than having a laptop, internet connection, and a basic knowledge of computers/internet. The workshop is open to people from all age groups.

As a result of enrolling in this workshop, you should expect to see yourself as a self-employed, financially independent in the future. You will develop skills that will help you secure employment over the internet. If you keep pace to the growth of the program, you will be able to set your own scale up your freelancing and set the foundation for your very own e-business.

This workshop is designed and taught by field experts who have followed the same roadmap and set their own freelance based businesses. Our approach is entirely practical to make the maximum use of your time and give you the best learning experience. We have successfully piloted the same project in Punjab and produced results in the form of self-employed, self-empowered individuals.

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Last day to Apply: 26-03-2018 (Monday) | Classes starting from 26-03-2018 (Monday)

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*For offline trainings, our training facility is in Saddar, Rawalpindi

Note: Make sure that you will be available during selective hours on selective day for your chosen course.

Your Details

Let us know how to get back to you.

How you will like to sign up?

Let us know what works for you.

*For offline trainings, our training facility is in Saddar, Rawalpindi

Note: Make sure that you will be available during selective hours on selective day for your chosen course.