Empower Pakistan Partners with Upwork


Upwork’s SIP will enable Pakistani freelancers to have the following incentives:

Dedicated mentor

A dedicated Upwork mentor providing profile and proposal analysis.

Priority access to jobs

Priority access to some job posts for Empower Pakistan's SIP freelancers.

Priority Registration

Priority registration for agency and freelancers for Empower Pakistan's SIP freelancers

More bidding

Extra connects to freelancers as needed to attain more work opportunities.

Special badges

Social Impact Badge on their profiles to have more presense on platform.

More presence

Landing page listing to attract clients and ultimately get more work.

As a result of this partnership, Pakistani freelancers will not only be able to access more work but also to grow their skills that are in high match with the market demand

"We are delighted to work with Empower Pakistan and their freelancers. Helping talented people throughout the world find each other and work together without limits is what Upwork strives to do"

Elizabeth Tse
Senior VP Operations, Upwork
"There is a huge unmet demand for talent in the global market. Our partnership with Upwork will enable us to fill this gap connecting skilled resources to the need, creating digital employment, and moving the country towards economic growth"
Sajid Shah
CEO, Empower Pakistan

Upwork’s SIP in Pakistan is led by Empower Pakistan which is aimed to empower the people of the country through Digital Skills Building (such as freelancing) and Digital Employment. This partnership will allow Empower Pakistan to promote socio-economic development in the region by bringing more and better digital work opportunities to the skilled yet socially underserved communities of Pakistan.

A project by Empower Pakistan