Creative Content Writing

Content Writing is a practical application to the language field, where conventional writing is turned towards a more commercial perspective with monetary returns for every word people write. The small yet competitive world of “content writing” clearly offers a challenge where writer has to work from two angles.Imagine the outside world from an angle the general or targeted public would see or would choose to envisageTransform the imagination into written piece while using words and phrases, people are dying to read or come acrossIn a more layman terminology the to become a successful content writer or developer, along with the fundamental prerequisites such as an appropriate language grasp, one has to have to strong imagination of the future with the wider net casted encompassing and engulfing the minds of the public at large.Content Writing Career PathBecome a business writer and work with the development sector organisations to supply professional writing servicesBecome an independent writer and work with news/advertising companies to draft advertising/marketing platformsBecome a formal “column writer” if you would like your expertise to explore limited productivity however high-grade researchBecome a bulk-email writer commonly a job at bulk-email marketing processing companiesBecome a successful online-support (chat support) agent, a regular service offered on all e-commerce platforms, university websites, and commercial companies at all level, where the chat services are hosted by chat agents working on a monthly salaryBecome a blog writer/developer; where the blogger can mobilise an independent blog or make a third party’s blog attractive or catchy helping the third party to propagate or penetrate within the marketBecome a ghost writer/editor or proof reader for national and international best seller publishers.Become a catalogue administrator; a common position within all e-commerce platforms based on Magento or Shopify; where the content writer has to maintain the product and services catalogue fully updated so that the business sells the product and makes money.Work as a freelance writer on a variety of projects available on freelancing websitesWork as a formal academic writer by creating a “Physical Private Network (PPN)” of people and by marketing yourself using the common “work of mouth” principle.Work among the gigantic operators within social media such as Facebook, Twitter to administer pages, etc.Work with e-news companies such as ProPakistani, and start making your repertoire the way you wantGive your content development career a new turn by having it complemented with graphic designing skills such as Photoshop/Corel, and work as an independent digital advertising/marketing contractor.Become a professional typist, and open a small shop to offer composing and writing servicesMake your name by concentrating on conventional writing such as books, manuals, magazines etc. and make them an online commodity while using the IT tools

Instructed by: Wajahat Ali . in:

Course Description

Course Pattern

An 8-week course (2-3 working days/week) focused on content writing and development training shall cover the following key areas:

Week 1 & Week 2

0 – Pictorial/Graphical Orientation over course and associated career path, brief group discussion to ascertain the capability level to segregate the group based on capacity building level

1 – English Comprehension. This will cover basic English language assessment and words/sentences make-o-break as well as word formation based on contemporary practices

2 – Content Drafting Techniques. This will cover sentence structure, paragraph drafting techniques, sentence combination and sequencing, word repetition and over/under usage, targeted words/phrases usage, highlighting and content glance summarization methods

3 – Research Methodology Overview, Dependent and Independent variable to brainstorm question in mind in order to devise answers to kick-off content writing on a specific topic (optional)

4 – Confidence Building Public Speaking – Live Session – (Will adopt Toastmaster’s style however in more refined manner)

5 – Assignment/Test

Week 3 & 4

0 – Web-based research and re-writing content technique including the plagiarism/cheating elimination techniques.

1 – Business content writing & development, both biddable, and for internal usage, email/letter drafting, includes a full session on proposal writing

2 – Academic content writing & development, includes a detailed session on how to sell academic writing skill

3 – Writing content for webpages, highlighting, summarizing, glance-based content, one-view content, memory-kick content, Refresher content

4 – Confidence Building Public Speaking – Live Session

5 – Assignment/Test

Week 5

0 – Formal & Informal Content Development

1 – Content for advertising/marketing campaigns – targeted content with visuals/graphics – this will require an exposure to Adobe Photoshop basics

2 – Editing, Proofreading and Paraphrasing

3 – Title drafting, SEO, and Keyword usage, placement/frequency/concentration

4 – Confidence Building Public Speaking – Live Session

5 – Assignment/Test

Week 6

1 – Social Media Content Development, promotional content development

2 – Books, magazines both paper based and electronic and how to create a business opportunity out of it

3 – Product/Service content development, and catalogue administration

4 – Blogging/Reviews content development

5 – Confidence Building Public Speaking – Live Session

6 – Assignment Test

Week 7

1 – Tutoring & Content Development both verbal/written

2 – Online Tutoring and content

3 – Column writing, critique & inference based writing

5 - Technical writing

6 – Confidence Building Public Speaking – Live Session

7 – Assignment Test

Week 8

1 – High-grade content writing, high vocabulary development, usage and techniques

2 – Resume/CV/Individual/Business contracts, profile development

3 – Cover letters writing, and usage of legal terms in business documents

4 – Examination & Assessment

3 – Individual presentation


  • Week 1
    • Class 1

About Instructor

Wajahat Ali Ahmed has been a business and development consultant in the socio-economic context and has been working from the platform of several consulting firms since 2005. Being a qualified ACCA professional, he is equipped with envisioning eye and constructively creative mind and this combination is boosted up with his hard-working flair towards professional work. He has been working with national and multinational organizations operating both in commercial and not for profit sector from the platform of “Bridge Factor”, and “GMN International”. Apart from consulting capacity, he has been a professional trainer, educationist and has played an active role in the development of foreign education in Pakistan by working with learning providers, and being a patron of professional training centre, Mentorus-Islamabad. Mr. Ahmed being a professional researcher has been working with “National College of Arts” in the context of descriptive and analytical research. He genuinely understands the ecological interaction of people, ideas, and environment leading to a sustainable solution.


Creative Content Writing

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