Women in Pakistan are largely not encouraged to step out from their homes for the purpose of earning. Our innovation based on digital literacy and e -entrepreneurship provides “earn from home” employment opportunities for women.

Who is it for?

This workshop is specifically aimed for women who lack opportunities and skills to pursue decent employment. We crafted this program to help women build skills and utilize them for home based earning via the internet. The workshop covers all aspects on Freelancing and Online Earning i.e. getting started on freelancing platforms, building and selling skills, and making an earning over them. The entire workshop would be taught by industry and field experts who have successfully established their own Freelance based businesses. Find more details about our workshop roadmap below.


Valuable Content

We have carefully crafted our course contents so that you can position yourself in a winning place in the Digital Economy. The skills developed through our workshop will enable you to reach clients interested in your work, convert them to sales and master the complete process in between. More about course content below.

Infused with Assignments

Our workshop is built around actionable assignments. These assignments will aid your learning process so alongside skill development you will get real life experience of working in the Digital Economy.

Key Takeaways

Digital Literacy

Digital Employment


Stories From Our Workshops

A couple of years ago my mother died and it made me emotionally restless. I was devastated and couldn’t think straight about anything at all. My father has a small business of automobile accessories. Being the eldest child in the house I had to financially support my father and take care of my younger siblings too. So, I started freelancing and got a few regular clients. It paid well but it wasn’t enough. That was the moment I came to know about a freelancing workshop and I readily signed up for that. Even now, I am astounded by the way I was trained there. My earnings sky rocketed after that workshop and now I am planning to expand my business even more. My dream is to start my own content writing agency and I am sure that I will achieve it in near future.

I am 21 years old, a business student, owner of an online venture and a part-time freelancer. People say that I have an entrepreneurial mind because of the solution oriented approach that I have. I learnt about freelancing from a friend who was discussing about a workshop. It excited me and frankly speaking, I had to bunk my communication class to attend the introductory seminar which further made me attend the whole one-week workshop. It was unbelievably fantastic and evolved me from business and entrepreneurial perspective. But, apart from that it made me think of a noble cause that the organization was working for – it was the Empowerment of Pakistan.

Just like most parents in Pakistan, the frustration of my parents grew as I completed my MBA. They wanted me to take a job and make use of my education. Working at a bank never satisfied me. It made me even more curious to find something better. That was the moment when I came across a freelancing workshop organized for the students of TEVTA. I applied for it but got rejected. I am a very stubborn person so I kept trying and after being consistent with the effort I was able to find a slot in the workshop as a former student of TEVTA.
Now I am making a handsome amount of income online and serving Empower Pakistan as a trainer in the workshops who once trained me. It feels really good giving back to the community.

Since my childhood, I always observed that my father was the only one to bear the financial burden of our family. It somehow shaped me as a person and powered me up with enough motivation to do something on my own. As a student of computer science and having a keen interest in web development, I learnt about a workshop that claimed to teach freelancing. I had the urge to do something so I took a step forward and signed up for that. Within a matter of weeks I was able to make a handsome amount of living. Now, I pay a major portion of my tuition fee and it makes me happy.

Workshop Roadmap

Our workshop has 4 ascending levels of learning. All levels follow a highly participatory and hands on approach.

Level 1 inculcates knowledge about digitally monetizable skills such as Internet Marketing and WordPress Development. This level is preceded by an Awareness Session that introduces the women participants to the Digital Economy and the concept of earning through the internet

Level 2 provides knowledge on how the skills developed at the 1st level can be used to make money through freelancing. Our experience shows that participants start getting jobs during or by the end of this stage.

Level 3 offers customized training and mentoring to participants from level 2 so they can sustain and grow their freelance services.

The last level involves leadership and team building training for turning the self-employed women from the previous levels into e-entrepreneurs. It provides complete training for setting up a small e-business, hiring a team and managing human resource.

Who will teach this workshop:

Usama Arshad

Web Design Enthusiast

Usama is Web Design and Digital Marketing Enthusiast. He has an aesthetic approach to everything he publishes online. Business savvy by nature and likes to explore resources on automating and staying efficient in business with digital tools.

Saneea Imran

Writer for Impactful Startups

Saneea has 1.5 years of experience in content research and generation. She has worked for award winning local startups as a tech reporter and writer. Saneea likes to use her writing for impact such as for social and development causes that especially concern to women.


The workshop is restricted to women only. There are no special requirements to join this workshop, women who are unemployed or underemployed and want to earn a decent livelihood from the comfort of their homes are welcome to register themselves. A basic knowledge of computer and internet would be a plus.

As a result of enrolling in this workshop, you should expect to see yourself as a self-employed, financially independent woman in the future. You will develop skills that will help you secure employment over the internet. If you keep pace to the growth of the program, you will be able to set your own scale up your freelancing and set the foundation for your very own e-business.

This workshop is designed and taught by field experts who have followed the same roadmap and set their own freelance based businesses. Our approach is entirely practical to make the maximum use of your time and give you the best learning experience. We have successfully piloted the same project in Punjab and produced results in the form of self-employed, self-empowered women.

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