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This course is designed for individuals of all age groups who want to improve their understanding of graphic design and learn how to create eye catching graphics. We will be learning the basics of Adobe Photoshop and how to use the software to produce high quality and professional looking designs. We will also be looking at what makes a good design stand out. Students will engage in activities from creating simple but effective logos for businesses to producing posters and banners that capture the viewer’s attention. By the end of the course we will discuss how students can present their best works in a professional looking portfolio and grab the attention of employers.  Our aim with this course is to help students develop a foundation of good design and to show them how they can use the simplest tools in Photoshop to create graphics that make an impact on the viewer.

Instructed by: Ussama Bin Naveed . in:

Course Description


Week 1:

  • Short Introduction to graphic design.
  • What makes a piece of content visually appealing or appalling.
  • Overview of Photoshop. (basic rundown of the most commonly used tools)
  • Project of the week. Create a banner for a facebook ‘food lovers’ group. This 30-40 minute activity will be followed by a critique of each design.

Week 2:

  • Can a good design be created just by using Fonts? The short answer is Yes, and in Week 2 we discover how.
  • We look at some popular fonts that can instantly give your designs a professional Look.
  • We point out why professional designers avoid using certain fonts at all costs.
  • We use the knowledge gained in Week 2 to create channel art for a YouTube Channel. Students are free to select the theme and name for their Youtube Channel however they can only use fonts (no images/photographs), additionally the fonts they use must be reflect the content of the channel.

Week 3:

  • Have you ever wondered what makes the logos of companies like McDonalds, FedEx, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Nike etc so iconic? The answer is simple, their logos utilize simple, easily recognizable shapes and effective use of colors. In week 3 we’ll explore how designers use simple shape and colors to create what is called a brand’s identity.
  • We’ll go over examples of logos of multinationals and how they’ve evolved over the years to reflect the changes in design trends.
  • Project of the Week. Students imagine a company of their choice and use a combination of shapes, colors and fonts to give it a brand identity. The week concludes with an evaluation of the students projects.

Week 4:

  • An effective design uses a collection of shapes, colors, fonts, logos, and photographs arranged in an harmonious way.  In week 4 we’ll see how we can take what we’ve learned so far and compose all these elements together.
  • We shall look at examples of advertisements and posters that are well composed and effective communicate a message.
  • Our week’s project would be to create a poster for a social cause (e.g water wastage). The week would be concluded by a discussion of the designs presented by the students and we shall consider which designs most effectively communicate their intended message.

Week 5:

  • We shall be discussing ways of presenting our graphic design work in a professional manner.
  • Students will be shown how to create mockups that they can use to creatively display their designs.
  • Inexperienced designers have a tendency to add every piece of content they’ve created in their portfolio. Unfortunately this leads to chaotic looking portfolio that leaves a bad impression on the recruiter. To avoid this we’ll show students how to pick out their best works and create a portfolio that looks amazing but is short and sweet.
  • Unsurprisingly this week’s project will be to create a simple design portfolio which showcases 3-4 of the student’s most powerful designs.

Week 6:

  • In the last week each student is assigned a challenge. The students will be applying to a mock job posting for an entry level vacancy at a creative agency. The students will leverage the knowledge they’ve gained so far to produce a portfolio comprising of four, new and original pieces of graphic design. The student’s will be given this assignment at the end of week 5 so they will have time to prepare for this before the final week. Their Portfolios Shall be reviewed at the end of the session.


  • Week 1

About Instructor

Ussama Bin Naveed graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Painting from the National College of Arts, in 2014. Since then he has worked as a C.G Artist and Animator in the game design industry. Over the years Ussama has developed a good understanding of graphic design and art which he seeks to share with others. He currently works as a freelance illustrator in his studio in Islamabad and uses both traditional and digital media in his artworks.


Graphics Designing

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