Empower Pakistan is a social venture which aims at creating an empowered and employed Pakistan. Based on the idea of digital empowerment, it enables people to have a better living. It creates impact through skill development, freelancing trainings, team building and entrepreneurship workshops.

Digital Literacy

Creating awareness about the digital world and everything an individual needs to know in order to get the most out of this domain. It involves educating the youth with the basics of digital world, the market trends, emerging technologies and various ways to channelize the digital potential for one’s own benefit. Moreover, the growth possibilities are also shared to enable the youth have a long term vision.

Events & Seminars for Digital Literacy:

Digital Employment

Enabling the youth to make the best out of the digital world by becoming self-employed on the internet. In the first step, an individual is trained to become skilled in those areas which can be monetized through the internet. A complete course ensures that an individual knows everything in order to deliver at a professional level. At the next step, the individuals are enabled to use the skills and make money online via various freelance marketplaces.

Programs for Digital Employment:


Empowering the self-employed individuals to create establish businesses and create more job opportunities. The self-employed individuals are then trained to make the teams of their own and take their online earnings to a next level. Here they take projects from the internet and get them done from the hired team. In this way, they not only create online businesses but also create more job opportunities for the local workforce.

There are 2 Million registered Freelancers in Pakistan. Imagine the impact, if they are transformed into 2 Million Businesses!
– Sajid Shah, CEO Empower Pakistan

Events & Seminars for Digital Literacy:

EP Services

EP Services is a unique initiative, which offers distributed & dedicated teams to emerging startups based in the Silicon Valley. EP Services offers cost effective solutions to the emerging startups while creating job opportunities in the emerging economies. Redefining the concept of outsourcing, we offer each startup with a fully dedicated team which does not share the workload of another project. This ensures quality and delivers high efficiency work

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