A group of young individuals started off their careers as freelancers and expanded their businesses into proper companies in a very short span of time. Being inspired from the idea of freelancing and how it changed the lives of people in their local village, they decided to take a step forward and benefit a larger audience of people. This is the moment when they founded Empower Pakistan with a bigger, better and more influential objective. Together they strive to develop digital skills, teach people how to freelance, develop teams and launch startups.

Sajid Shah

CEO & Co-Founder
CEO & Founder at Grow

Being powered by the motivation of impacting the society in a positive manner, Sajid strives to use his technical knowledge and entrepreneurial skills to get the most out of the opportunities. The entrepreneurial spirit led him to develop an international digital media company while the passion of philanthropy inspired him to establish Empower Pakistan to impact the lives of Pakistani Youth.

Farhan Shah

Consultant at World Bank

Farhan is an enthusiastic and motivated individual having an utmost passion for inbound marketing and conversion optimization. He is all about generating the right traffic to the websites and have it converted into real value. His experience and energy makes him unique and different from other professionals. He believes in providing real value to the organizations and people he associates with.

Rehan Sheikh

Lead Trainer – Freelancing
CEO at The Resource Bridge

Rehan Sheikh is a graduate of Oxford Brookes University and the Founder & CEO of ‘The Resource Bridge ‘A top ranking freelance consulting firm. As a trainer, he has successfully trained more than 1000 students in different countries like Turkey, UAE etc. through his workshops & training on freelancing, marketing, branding and entrepreneurship.

Usman Latif

Lead Trainer – Digital Marketing
CEO at Digital Marketing Pakistan

Usman is a marketing technologist, a communications expert and a journalist. He empowers brands to communicate with their target audience through end-to-end digital marketing strategies. Having over 10 years of experience in digital media marketing – he also specializes in inbound marketing, growth hacking, brand development, PR, advertising and lean content marketing.

Hamza Sheikh

Lead Trainer – WordPress & Web-Design
Digital Marketing and SEO Researcher

Hamza is a versatile professional with experience in fields such as blogging, WordPress development, internet marketing and startups. He has a passion for internet marketing research and gadgets. If you are looking for someone who can motivate you to get started then Hamza is the guy!

Usama Arshad

Lead Trainer – Freelancing
WP & Digital Marketing Enthusiast

Usama is WordPress and Digital Marketing Enthusiast. He loves to design and develop. Beside of having good command over few languages, he has an aesthetic approach to everything he publishes online. Is his spare time, he loves to explore digital mediums and implement Digital Strategies to grow business online. Business savvy by nature and likes to explore resources on automating a business to stay efficient.

Dawood Sheikh

Lead Trainer – Communication
Floor Manager at TRG

Dawood Sheikh, a campaigner with the passion of purveying awareness to the oblivious stratum of the nation. Illustrating a diverse personality which is built over the years from the largest BPO of the country, he brings an extensive experience of Training & Development carrying 2000+ Professional Training Hours. An individual with relentless and uncontrollable emotion of empowering the youth of Pakistan.

Shehryar Khan

Creative Director at Empower Pakistan
Shehryar is a Visual Communication Design Specalist and has been working with Empower Pakistan since it was established. Graduated in Fine Arts from University of Peshawar. Shehryar has a thought provoking visual aesthetic. Corporate Branding, design, making logos is his thing. He has over 6 years of experience in the local and international tech industry. Moreover, he has attained one of the high ranks among the creative persons in the design industry..

Masooma Zia

Co-Trainer – WordPress & Web-Design
Software Engineer & WP Expert

Masooma is a WordPress Developer, freelancer, self-learner and an altruist. She has graduated from Lahore College for Women University and has a passion to empower women. Having a versatile record of experience with various organizations, she puts her learnings for the development of youth which craves to bring a positive change in the society.

Umar Majeed

Co-Trainer – Digital Marketing
Executive Director at Nutright

Umar is a digital entrepreneur, who bootstrapped his first startup at the age of 17. With 8 years of extensive digital marketing knowledge especially in SEO, he has managed to establish hundreds of successful online ventures and so far. Having served over 100 million targeted organic visitors since 2007, he is one of the most seasoned internet marketers you can come across.

Shayan Ahmad

Project Manager – Empower Pakistan
An engineer by profession, Shayan combines versatile experience of project management, operations, consulting, strategic visioning and marketing into exploring various growth opportunities. Having worked with over 70 businesses at an international and national level, he has joined hands with leadership organisations, impact focused companies and tech institutions for organisational consolidation, growth and impact creation. 

Ali Qayyum

Co-Trainer – Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing Specialist at IMC Creator

Ali one of the founders of Design Posts as well as a freelancer, blogger, digital marketer, graphic designer and PHP web developer. Having an experience of over 12 years in various fields of IT and a web addict from Lahore, Pakistan – he enjoys one of the high ranks among IT professionals in the country.

Mubashar AK

Co-Trainer – Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing & SEO Expert

Currently working at Empower Pakistan as the co-trainer of internet marketing, Mubashar is an experienced and seasoned internet marketer. Having served over 300 clients worldwide, he has over 450 positive reviews on He is a dedicated and hardworking person who likes challenges.

Fatima Javed

Co-Trainer – Freelancing
Serving Empower Pakistan as the co-trainer of freelancing, Fatima has done MBA in HRM. Being a business student with unmatchable organizational, time management and interpersonal skills, she has a versatile personality. Working as a content writer with various international clients, she is always eager to learn something new. Her team always finds her exerting herself to the best in order to give back to the community and make a positive change in the society.

Shaffaq Rehman

Content Writer at Empower Pakistan
Shaffaq used to say, “I am a business student and intend to hold a degree in finance” but now she introduces herself as a blogger or as a writer because writing is something that comforts her. She is a perfectionist and exerting herself to produce quality work is something that gives her immense pleasure.

Hamiz Zulfiqar

Co-Trainer – WordPress & Web-Design
WordPress Expert

Hamiz in truly an inspiration for the freelancers out there. Being an expert WordPress Developer on Fiverr, he has worked with over 1000+ different clients within a span of one year. Serving as the director of operations at Digisol, he also enjoys empowering the youth with digital skills and trainings.

Muhammad Shan

Lead Trainer – Freelancing
Now serving Empower Pakistan as the lead trainer of freelancing, Shan was once the student of one of the workshops. He is a business graduate of the Institute of Management Sciences, Peshawar. Running his own online business while contributing towards the community through Empower Pakistan gives him immense pleasure. He believes that the youth can be largely influenced and empowered through digital ways.

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